Teeth Grinding Causes, Symptoms And How To Prevent It From Happening

Grinding or clenching your teeth can happen during the day or while sleeping, sometimes without even realizing you are doing it. Teeth grinding can cause a number of different health issues such as headaches, tooth pain, ground down teeth, and jaw disorders. If you're waking up tired each and every morning, or waking up in pain every day, you could have an issue with teeth grinding. See below for causes and symptoms of teeth grinding and how to help prevent it from happening. [Read More]

3 Hidden Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Most people are familiar with the obvious benefit of getting dental implants, which is they can significantly improve your smile by filling in gaps left behind by missing teeth. However, dental implants provide additional benefits that may not be a readily evident at first. Here are three additional ways implants can improve your mental and physical health. Stimulation of Jaw Bone One major side effect of tooth loss is the deterioration of the jaw bone that eventually occurs. [Read More]

Should You Use Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth?

In the quest for a white smile, some people have turned to activated charcoal. There has been some debate about whether or not it is effective. If you are considering charcoal to brighten your teeth, here is what you need to know.   How Does Activated Charcoal Work? Activated charcoal has detoxifying properties. The substance has a high level of absorbency that is supposed to trap toxins when it is applied to the surface of something, such as your teeth. [Read More]

Consider A Dental Implant Before You Get Your Tooth Removed

If you have a tooth that is severely decayed and cannot be saved, the only option might be to have the tooth removed at a place like Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC. When this occurs, it will leave a gap in your mouth. Leaving the gap in your mouth is not a good option, simply because this can lead to many problems, while filling in the gap will require an artificial tooth. The best form of artificial tooth you can get is a dental implant, and this is something you should investigate before you get the tooth removed. [Read More]